Our Mission

At the “International School Krems” …

  • pupils of every origin, denomination and religion are welcome. The focus is on each child with their individual skills, talents and gifts. Lessons foster their creative potential.
  • the children are prepared for future challenges through the communication of values, knowledge and social competence on a Catholic-Christian basis.
  • classes are held bilingually in German and English. Taking the Cambridge Certificates is of great importance with regard to international orientation.
  • learning and leisure sequences alternate harmonically to the rhythm of tension and relaxation in the form of all-day schooling.
  • class size is strictly limited to a maximum of 20 children.
  • lessons are taught according to the Austrian curriculum. We attach importance to individual, project-oriented and flexible learning.
  • media education, dealing playfully with technology and problem-solving as well as basic digital education are paramount.

In its final development stage, the aim of the International School Krems is to provide a continuous choice of schools with a bilingual focus from primary school to school leaving examination.