Voices about ISK



Klaus Küng

Catholic school
„The claim of holistic education is not possible without religious education.“

Klaus Küng is the bishop of St. Pölten, theologist, philosopher and medical doctor


Heinz Boyer

„I am proud that we have managed to make a vision real within a very short time.“

Heinz Boyer is the founder and was the long-standing managing director of IMC University of Applied Sciences, which was the first in Austria to offer a course taught in English including regular stays abroad. Prof. Boyer studied at the University of World Trade in Vienna, completed teacher training and was principal of the HLF Krems for many years.


Erich Erber

Natural science
“Within the framework of the ISK, we would like to ensure that natural science continues to have an important function for the further development and the future of mankind.”

Erich Erber is the founder and owner of Erber Group. Erber Group is a globally leading group of companies in the field of food and feed safety based in Lower Austria. In 2014, it generated sales amounting to 250 million euro. Erber Group includes the affiliated companies Biomin Holding, Biomin Animal Nutrition, Romer Holding, Sanphar Holding, Erber Future Business GmbH and their subsidiary bio-ferm GmbH. Including its sales partners, Erber Group is represented in more than 100 countries worldwide. International orientation and corporate research and development are important success factors for its annual growth.


Martin Nuhr

Exercise and sport
„Exercise and sport are the most important preventive measures in healthcare.“

Martin Nuhr is a specialist for Physical Medicine and Common Rehabilitation, general practitioner, MSc for interdisciplinary pain medicine, medical director of the Nuhr Medical Center and head of the Karl Landsteiner Institute for Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine.


Mayra Nuhr

Multilingual, multicultural, integration
„Language skills open up new cultural spaces.“

Mayra Nuhr is an advisor at the International School Krems. She studied occupational psychology in Lausanne and Neuchâtel as well as International Business Administration in Vienna. She has lived in Brazil, Switzerland and Austria and speaks Portuguese, Italian, French, German and English.


Guntard Gutmann

It is unfortunate, but to the present time, art has been considered by the average person as a thing apart; a rather isolated field. Instead, art should be regarded as an aspect of living, in general. It should help to embellish and to enrich day-to-day activities.”
(Guilford J.P., 1958, Can Creativity Be Developed? Art Education, p.18)

Guntard Gutmann is an entrepreneur in the fields of agriculture and forestry, real estate and financial investments.


Ulrike Prommer

Highest quality in all fields of educational training
„Quality orientation in teaching from the very beginning is the guarantor for talent promotion as well as individualised education.“

Ulrike Prommer, Managing Director of the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems


Petra Wolfsberger

Promotion of giftedness and talents
Talents, skills and gifts are identified, developed and encouraged
Children are no barrels to be filled, but fires to be sparked off.”
(Francois Rabelais, French writer)

Petra Wolfsberger is head of the ISK and a teacher.