Educational objectives

 Educational objectives/responsibilities of the school

  • The primary task of the International School Krems (ISK) is to give children with diverse linguistic, cognitive, physical, character and social backgrounds the opportunity to become mature, self-critical, performance-oriented, self-confident, responsible and socially competent human beings.
  • Beyond that, a special focus is on bilingual teaching (German – English). We would like to especially highlight our team of form teachers, in which one educator always speaks German while the other one (native speaker) speaks English. This guarantees that English is always present and natural in the children’s daily lives.
  • The prerequisite for the development of these educational objectives is a learning culture that respects individual (cognitive, emotional and sensory) stages of development, an individual learning and working speed and the children’s individual interests and skills, and creates framework conditions for unfolding their creative potential.
  • Class sizes are strictly limited to a maximum of 22 children with two teachers per class at the same time. Only such a structure lays the necessary foundations for the individual analysis and promotion of children’s talents. This is an expensive but unavoidable consequence if individual learning is to be truly fostered – and not just demanded.
  • An essential prerequisite of this concept is the creation of individual talent profiles of the pupils in order to be able to develop optimum learning strategies together with them.