Reading Breakfast

On Monday the 18th of November, all over Austria schools and libraries celebrated “reading day”. At the ISK we had a reading breakfast which started at 8.30. The class teachers, the Natives and our “reading buddies” read fairy tales in German and English. We had orange juice and kipferl for  breakfast, the children were split into groups. In our natives Andi’s group th classic tale of Hansel and Gretel was read. They all had a lot of fun and the children liked the tale and the pictures, the most popular part was the Gingerbread house. There also was a little quiz, where they answered everything correctly. This morning was especially used to promote the joy of reading and as of last week the library, including many newly purchased English books, is open every Wednesday from 15.30 till 16.00 for all the parents.  Our “Lesepaten” project  will be continuing this year. A big thank you to all of you who donate their time for this!

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Datum: 25. November 2019