Reading with ghosts

On the evening of Thursday the 10/22, the Foxes from the third grade visited the world of ghosts at ISK. The funny ghost “Scary Wusel” slipped out from his book and surprised the kids with an exciting team competition, appropriately named the “Ghostly Competition.

The different teams of foxes were able to collect many ghost points in challenges such as ghost inventing, pumpkin run, ghost guessing, and the ultimate scary treasure hunt. Each competition was played with great enthusiasm by all teams, and most importantly, fun was had by all.

Later in the night, the children had a book reading complete with lights, sounds, and soap bubbles for a full ghostly effect followed by a nerve-wracking night walk through the school building. Even this was not enough for some, who wanted to stay up late into the night, flashlights in hand, diving into the world of books. The next morning many tired eyes fought their way through the school day, but all will remember their scary night of ghosts and reading for a long time to come!

Datum: 28. October 2020