Educational objectives

Educational objectives/ responsibilities of the school

  • Linguistic and cultural diversity: The pupils acquire a high degree of linguistic competence. They receive sound training in core subjects, come upon tolerance, self-criticism, responsibility and commitment, also in humanitarian fields, by discovering and understanding various cultures and become familiar with humanistic thinking. Concrete support measures, the participation in speech contests and language competitions, language training weeks and the acquisition of internationally renowned additional qualifications complement the offer in English, German, Spanish, Latin and another optional foreign language.
  • Internationality and value orientation: It is our goal to strengthen our pupils in their cultural, linguistic and social identities to make them become committed and independently acting personalities who meet other people, languages and cultures openly, empathically and respectfully. They should understand themselves as world citizens in a global context and at the same time as fellow citizens in their immediate living environment and play their parts as such.
  • All-day community: Our whole-day programme offers single as well as blocked lessons, lunch and midday break, individual studying and additional supervision time and a high-quality and socially responsible education.
  • Performance orientation by diversity: Our teachers offer a stimulating environment with diverse methods and approaches. The adequate use of modern teaching technology supports the learning and teaching processes and makes young people fit for the digital age.
  • International orientation – local roots: We offer our children a diverse and lively community that opens their eyes to the world and at the same time does not turn away from neighbours. They will leave our school as world citizens who are aware of their roots.
  • National and international acknowledgement: The ambitious combination of school leaving examination and International Baccalaureate (IB) opens up diverse opportunities in Austria and abroad for our graduates.