General Terms and Conditions

  1. General principles/scope
  • The following General Terms and Conditions of ISK Internationale Schule Krems GmbH apply exclusively to all legal transactions between the students or their legal guardians and ISK Internationale Schule Krems GmbH (hereinafter: ISK). The version applicable at the time of contract conclusion (time of the binding registration of the student) is authoritative in each case.
  • These General Terms and Conditions of ISK shall also govern any changes/amendments to the contract, even if they are not expressly referred to.
  • Conflicting general terms and conditions are invalid, unless they are expressly recognised by ISK in writing.
  • In the event that individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of ISK are or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and the contracts concluded on the basis thereof. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by an effective one that comes closest to its pedagogical and/or commercial purpose.


        2. Legal basis

2.1 The provision of the agreed teaching service shall be based on the Austrian federal laws governing Austrian schools as well as the laws of Lower Austria; in this context, reference is made by way of example in particular to the Private School Act, the Compulsory Education Law of Lower Austria, the School Education Act and the School Organisation Act in their respective current versions.

2.2 In addition, all students are obligated to comply with school regulations. The legal guardians are informed of the regulations upon conclusion of the admission contract; the students by way of the bulletin board in the school building.


3. Registration guidelines

  • The registration deadlines for the respective school year will be communicated and published in the appropriate information documents and on the Web site of ISK. These limits are binding and must be observed in any case.
  • The limits of the number of students per school year are also determined on a binding basis and will be communicated and published in the appropriate information documents and on the Web site of ISK.
  • The registration of the student becomes valid with the written confirmation by ISK. The admittance of students in a class is based on the time of the registration and according to how many spots are still open and available.
  • The registration of students must be done in writing by means of the registration form provided by ISK. The binding registration is preceded by an admission interview with the school administration in which the requirements by school law as well as language skills are checked.
  • Depending on available spots and whether the prerequisites for the respective school grade are met, a subsequent entry during a school year is in principle possible. In this case, the school fees will be invoiced with full monthly amounts starting with the calendar month in which the student enters school.


4. School fees and terms and conditions of payment

4.1 The school and supervision fees, whose exact amount is specified in the admission contract, are automatically charged in advance at the beginning of each calendar month to the account specified in the debit authorization. The debit authorization must be granted upon conclusion of the admission contract and thus constitutes an integral part of the admission contract.

The enrolment fee in accordance with the admission contract is due directly at the start of the school year and is to be transferred to the account specified in the registration form. A refund of the enrolment fee in case the student is deregistered is excluded.

4.2 If the enrolment fees, school and/or supervision fees are not paid on time or not paid in full, dunning charges in the amount of EUR 5.00 per reminder as well as interest at the rate of 4% per annum are charged in addition.

4.3 Any change of the level of school and/or supervision fees will be communicated to the legal guardians at least one month before the new amount is due for the first time.


5. Deregistration/termination of the contract

5.1 The contracts on the admission of a student to a class are always concluded for one whole school year. They are automatically extended for another year, unless one of the contracting parties declares at least 3 months prior to the end of the school year that it does not want to continue the contract.

5.2 Once the student has completed all school levels successfully, the contract automatically expires without a separate notice of termination being required.

5.3 The option of immediate termination of the contract for cause that is open to both contracting parties remains unaffected by this. ISK is entitled to terminate the contract for the following causes in particular:

a) if the student breaches grossly or continually his/her duties according to Section 43 of the School Education Act

b) if the student or his/her legal guardians, owing to their behaviour, jeopardise integration in the school community and the attainment of the educational objectives of the school

c) if the school and/or supervision fees have not been paid when due, despite a warning, for more than 2 months.


6. Copyright/protection of intellectual property rights

6.1 Intellectual property rights and any rights to documents made available to the students for educational purposes remain with the person who created them (depending on the authorship). No transfer of such rights in whatever form can be inferred from the fact that such documents are made available. In particular the reproduction of documents provided in the classroom and/or their forwarding to third parties is not permitted.


7. Warranty

7.1 ISK warrants the proper provision of the agreed teaching and supervisory services. It does not assume any liability whatsoever for documents, learning materials or other tangible or intangible goods provided by third parties, however.


8. Liability/compensation for damage

8.1 ISK is only liable, to the extent permitted by law, for wilful or grossly negligent behaviour in terms of its contractual obligation to provide the agreed teaching or supervision Services.

8.2 Any further liability on the part of ISK is excluded, in particular for actions of students that are not based on a breach of the supervisory duties of ISK or its employees or for any actions of other third parties.

9. Confidentiality/data protection

9.1 Upon registration, the student and the legal guardians expressly agree that his/her personal data will be collected, stored, processed and forwarded to service providers contracted by ISK within the meaning of the Data Protection Act for the purpose of fulfilling the agreed teaching and supervision services as well as all associated legal obligations.

9.2 The student and his/her legal guardians consent that pictures (especially photographs and videos) from everyday life at the school and class pictures will be published in brochures of ISK and on its Web site.

9.3 No further disclosure of personal data takes place.


10. Duration of teaching units

10.1 The duration of the individual teaching unit is 50 minutes in all languages offered.


11. Electronic invoicing

11.1 ISK has the right to transmit to the legal guardians all invoices in electronic form. The legal guardians expressly consent to the sending of invoices in electronic form by ISK.


12. Textbooks and documents

12.1 The cost of textbooks and any other required documents are not included in the school fees. All books, notebooks and other materials required must be bought by the students or their legal guardians at their own expense – if applicable, according to the specification or recommendation of the respective teacher.


13. Final provisions

13.1 The contracting parties confirm that they provided all the information in the contract conscientiously and truthfully and undertake to notify the respective other party promptly about any changes.

13.2 Amendments to the contract and/or to these General Terms and Conditions of ISK require the written form; this also applies to a waiver of this formal requirement. Verbal side-agreements do not exist.

13.3 The competent court in Krems shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Austrian law shall apply to the exclusion of the rulings of international law.