Visit at a retirement home

12 children from all our four school levels  visited SeneCura Social Center Krems Generationshaus on Shrove Tuesday.

In disguise we first sang the welcome song “Hello, bon jour, buenos dias” and “Children, now it is carnival time!”.

Then the children played funny games with the residents like “Halli Galli”, “Uno”, “Memory”, “Mikado” and many more.

The children were very impressed by the warmth of the residents, and everyone enjoyed playing together.

At the end of the visit some funny songs were sung together, and everyone clapped, snapped and stamped happily.

A big thank you goes out to our colleague Monika Haselberger and Ms. Birgit Kretz from the SeneCura support team, who arranged this visit.

Since everyone – young and old – was very enthusiastic about each other, there will be more common activities in the future!

Datum: 25. February 2020