WKO President Federal Councilor KommR Sonja Zwazl visits ISK

On February 27th, 2020, Ms. Zwazl accepted the invitation of the ISK shareholders to get to know the school.

SQM Mag. Susanne Ripper from the Lower Austria branch of education in Zwettl, director of BHAK / BHAS Mag. Gernot Hainzl, Partner Bernd Brantner, the two managing directors Mag. Joachim Zimmel and Dipl.-Päd. Bianca Brantner and Mag. Stefan Tollinger, Managing Director of Brantner Environment Group GmbH, were also present during this visit. The children greeted the guests with the multilingual song “Hello, bon jour, buenos dias” and enthusiastically showed their English skills in songs and poems on the subjects of “Reading” and “Environmental protection”.

During a walk through the school, Ms. Zwazl was very impressed by the openness of the children and her achievements. She liked the ISK school concept (all-day bilingual in the entangled form)very much. The importance of a good secondary school according to our existing concept was recognized and support was promised.

Thank you to all team members and children for the preparatory work and for the various contributions.

Datum: 27. February 2020